London part 2 and the British Museum.

We arrived back in London in the middle of a crazy heatwave. It was the hottest it had been in more than a decade, and even as an Aussie – it was hot!

We got to spend a bit of time at the British Museum which was just incredible. I managed to take a few shots but they do nothing in comparison to seeing it for yourself and reading the stories behind it.

It really makes me wish I had paid more attention in history classes. A lot of the things I’ve seen, especially Berlin which I’ll post about later, I could recall the story but really wanted to remember more detail. Definitely going to look into it more when I return home.

On our final night we caught up with one of my mates from back home, and ended a very sweaty night exhausted from a full day out.

By the way if you’re ever in London around the Soho area, Fork was a great little cafe in a Baron-like way, good coffee and great bagels.

See you soon Amsterdam and Contiki!

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