Sweden! The Motherland!

We got to Sweden with relatively little effort. No fire alarms or cancelled flights, which was a nice change. It was fairly warm for such a northern country, but it was very nice. We got to the hotel from the airport and went straight out to meet some of Marty’s family and friends and spent the night with them at various Swedish pubs. Some great venues including the Vampire Lounge which only sold cocktails, and amazing ones at that.

We were staying in Gamla Stan which roughly translates to Old Town. It was a great part of the city with lots of old alleyways and places to visit.

I managed some free time on the morning of our flight out to have a bit of a walk around and ended up finding some of the coolest music stores and some very well stocked comic book stores. Pretty annoyed I didn’t buy anything at either as I was pushed for time, but hopefully when I come back I’ll be able to spend a bit more time shopping.

We had a great time in Sweden, ending our time with one of the best pork belly dishes I’ve ever had.

Sweden is a rare place, such natural beauty and so much to see and do. We all agreed it would have been nice to spend a bit more time, and will all definitely be returning. The sunlight hours during summer are crazy though! It stays light until around 11.30pm, where the sun barely dips below the horizon, and then reappears around 2.30am. It made sleep interesting, but lucky the Swedish do curtains just right 😉

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