Silly Season Cinema

Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing, but of reflection.

– Winston Churchill

One of my family’s most common Christmas traditions is gathering together to watch a movie. Whether it be at home with a classic, or at the movies on Boxing Day – catching the latest release. The silly season and cinema have always gone hand in hand.

I’m not one for the sappy love stories, I’ll leave that to Mum. My argument will always be that “they all end the same way”. Grinch. Yet, there are still some absolute guilty pleasures in the list of my top Christmas films. Films that can be watched again and again with zero qualms and an equal amount of enjoyment each time. 

5. Elf – Oh come on, it’s fun! Will Ferrell gets a chance to be absolutely bonkers and instead of looking like a downright bonehead, it works perfectly. Jon Favreau is such an underrated director, he really knows how to tell a story and get the most from his actors and script. Turn off all inhibitions and just enjoy it!

4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Consistently stupid yet absolutely hilarious every time. I’m a big fan of absurd and outlandish humour, especially when there’s an underlying tone of parody – which is the hallmark of this film. Clark Griswold could be any of us one day, which is both scary and humorous. 

3. Die Hard – One of the classic action films, featuring Bruce Willis in arguably his most well known role. Alan Rickman is superb as the villain, and it’s almost a shame to witness the fate of his character (if it weren’t so satisfying!). The action, the dialogue, the stunts, the humour – this has it all. And before you even think about debating – yes, it is!

2. The Muppet’s Christmas Carol – Big Muppets fan. I could recite this or Treasure Island for you if necessary. Michael Caine does a great job in the classic tale from Dickens. I always enjoyed how each fan-favourite Muppet was given a cameo throughout the film – whether it was Rowlf the Dog on piano at the Fozziwig Christmas Party (with Animal on drums, naturally), Statler and Waldorf as the Marley brothers or Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker as charity collectors – each Muppet is on display. I feel like watching it now…

1. Home Alone – Who doesn’t love this movie? Seriously, just a great film for any age. I don’t even need to continue to justify why this is number one for me. I have no doubt that it will make an appearance over Christmas during some downtime. Does anybody know if Angels With Filthy Souls is an actual film? Always wondered… 

What have I missed? What are your favourite Christmas films? Leave a comment below and keep hate mail to a minimum. 

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

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