My Luck is Changing


Ever since 1999 there has always been one band which I have followed their every move. To me, they have not put a foot wrong since I started listening to them. I find Dave Grohl to be the most down to earth guy. For someone to be as humble as he, in the biggest band in the world, is huge.
On June 20th, 2015, I will witness my favorite band of all time in one of the biggest stadiums in the world, Wembley. How everything has come together to make this happen is phenomenal, and its significance is not lost on me.
I have watched the Foo Fighters live at Wembley DVD countless times, and every time I watch I think to myself, one day I’ll witness that. It will soon become a reality.
To top it all off, one of the most talented new bands around at the moment, Royal Blood, are supporting. Crazy.

For one young boy from Sydney who’s only been out of the country twice, it will be an honour to be apart of this enormous event. I feel incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity.

It’s still a good 7 months away, but already I can tell – Europe 2015 is going to change my life.

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